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Out Of School Care

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Out of School Care in Worcester

Out of school care for children in Worcester, includes our breakfast club and after school care.

Worcester Early Years Centre offers a range of out of school care services, including before school care between 7am - 9am for children attending schools within the surrounding area, and after school care for 4 to 11 years.

Where the care is of the highest possible standard, and caters for a range of out of school needs; our combination of superb facilities and qualified, experienced staff, allow us to deliver an exciting program of indoor and outdoor activities.

Personal choice is an important feature of the after school care provision, and our staff are skilled in supporting children make a choice and ensuring they all become engaged in worthwhile and enjoyable activities. 

Indoor options include crafts, games, drama, cookery, pet care and computers, with quiet room activities such as reading, homework, or sewing. Children can also choose from a wide range of outdoor activities including ball games, woodland activities, outdoor cookery, gardening, sand pit play and lots more.

After school care is available on a weekly basis and bookings are made monthly. Once children are familiar with Worcester Early Years Centre and our staff, additional last minute bookings can be organised in the event of an unexpected problem or family crisis.

"The transition from school to after school care was seamless, making working life much more effective."

- Parent Feedback

To learn more about the out of school department or enquire about childcare at our Worcester based centre, please do not hesitate to contact us today.