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Toddler Care


Toddler Care in Worcester

Our 'Ducklings' childcare room offers dedicated facilities for toddler care in Worcester.

Our attractively designed toddler care department known as 'Ducklings' is where children under 3 years of age receive loving individualised care and encouragement to participate in a variety of play activities.

The toddler care department aims to stimulate physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. There are integral toilet and nappy changing facilities, and a darkened sleep room, comprising cots and low level cot beds.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff offer children a range of activities suitable for their age and stage of development, with continuity and progression essential for self-confidence and allowing positive attitudes to flourish.

Children access playgrounds, extensive gardens and the large Movement Hall where they are encouraged to take part in a wide range of physical, musical and social learning activities.

Our ever popular 'Ducklings' department supports each child’s individual needs and maintains a close family atmosphere.

"The ethos of the centre is wonderful, it has a welcoming atmosphere and the staff are brilliant."

- Parent Feedback

To learn more about 'Ducklings' or enquire about toddler childcare at our Worcester based centre, please do not hesitate to contact us today.